A-AS Level (CIE) Business Studies Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 19 - 19 of 50

Question 19


Describe in Detail


State the steps of selection?


Selection in a long process, starting from the preliminary interview of the applicant and ending

with the contract of employment. Selecting the right candidate for the right job is essence of the

selection process. Selection involves a few steps which the organizations must follow to make it effective and durable. A proper selection process has the following steps:

  • Initial or Preliminary Interview: Preliminary interview is conducted to eliminate the unqualified job applicant. The reasons for elimination are excessive salary demand, inadequate qualification, training, and lack of work experience.
  • Evaluation of Application Blank: A detailed checking of application blank is carried out. This evaluation helps the organization to know whether the applicant meets the firm՚s requirement, like educational qualification. Work experience, age, or special qualification, etc.
  • Selection Test: Selection test differs from organization to organization. It is designed according to the objectives and attributes which the company requires in order to access. Achievement test, intelligence test, personality test, interest test and aptitude test are some commonly used tests performed by some Indian organizations.
  • Conducting Interview: Interview is the most widely and preferred method of selection. This helps the interviewer to understand the applicant abilities, skills, knowledge and judge his capabilities for the job. Interviews can be classified as patterned interview, stress interview, depth interview, preliminary interview.
  • Reference Checks: After the candidate is successful in interview his/her references are checked. In this criteria, background investigation of candidates is made. The main weakness of using references check as a screening device is that the applicants usually provide only those references which are likely to make favorable comments about the applicants.
  • Approval by Management: In many large organizations, the human resource manager performs the selection function. However, the final selection of hiring is taken by immediate superior of new employee or the manager of the department in which the new employee will be employed. It is observed that sometimes a selection is also carried out by the departmental heads and the names are sent to the top management for final approval.
  • Medical/Physical Examination: The jobs which require unusual strengths, stamina and hard- working conditions need physically strong people. A physical examination reveals the strengths and stamina of personnel. Medical examination is also carried out to check the level of health of the candidate. It works as a record of employee health at the time of employment.
  • Job Offer: A letter of joining is sent to the applicant which contains the date of joining and other relevant points regarding jobs. Job offers is the end of selection process.

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