CIE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions 124 - 126 of 175

Question number: 124

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

Write the following in order, with the highest at the first.




  • 915=0.6 and 62%=62100=0.62.
  • So, sequence from largest to smallest will be: 0.62>0.6>0.54=62%>915>0.54 .

Question number: 125

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

The points A and B are marked on the diagram.

Two points are on x-y axis

Two points are on x-y axis

Showing two points A and B on x-y axis having co-ordinates

(a) Write AB as a column vector.

(b) BC=(52) . Write down the co-ordinates of C.


Here, as shown in figure,

(a) Here, Point A = (2, 3) and point B = (3, -4)

So, for vector of AB: (32,43)=(1,7) , so as a column vector: (17)

(b) Here, BC=(52) , so as a row vector we can write as (-5, -2), let take co-ordinate of C = (x, y) and B (3, -4) is given.

So, (x3,y(4))=(5,2)




So, C (x, y) = C (-2, -6)

Question number: 126

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

The circumference of a circle is 37.68 cm. Find out the radius of the circle.


Here, formula for circumference of a circle = 2πr where, r is radius of square, π=3.14 .

  • So, here, 2πr=37.68r=37.683.14×2=6cm.