CIE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions 73 - 75 of 175

Question number: 73

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

>,=,< Choose the following symbols to complete following statements.

(a) 74%57

(b) (12)38



(a) First statement is 74%57

  • So, 57=0.714, now convert it into percentage. So, 0.714×100=71.4% .
  • So, 74%>71.4%.

(b) Second statement is (12)38

  • So, (12)3=13×23=2313=8.
  • So, (12)3=8.

Question number: 74

One Liner Question▾

Write in Brief

Write the following in order, with the smallest at the first.



  • 57=0.71 and 75%=75100=0.75.
  • So, sequence from smallest to largest will be: 0.70<0.71<0.75=0.70<57<75% .

Question number: 75

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

The diagram shows a square of side 8 cm and four congruent triangles of height 7 cm.

A square and four congruent triangles

A square and four congruent triangles

Find the below given calculations by using given values of triangle and square

(a) Calculate

(i) The area of one triangular face

(ii) The area of the whole shape

(b) What is this shape, which is a net of a solid?



(a) (i) The area of triangle: hb2 , where, h = height and b = base.

So, here, height h = 7 cm and base will be the side of square so base b = 8 cm

So, area of one triangular face = hb2=7×82=28cm2

(ii) The area of whole shape = (4×areaofonetriangularface)+areaofsquare

So, area of square = side2=82=64cm2

So, area of whole shape = (4×28)+64=112+64=176cm2

(b) The shape is the net of a solid. So, it is called as Square Pyramid.

  • If there are all equilateral triangles then the pyramid is called as Johnson Solid.