CIE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions 40 - 41 of 120

Question number: 40

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What is food chain? Describe its types with suitable example.


Food is related to source of energy and chain means many small objects connected with each other and make a chain so we can say food chain is a series of living organisms feeding on one another.


Each level of food chain is known as trophic level.

Types of food chains-

  1. Grazing food chains-It is the most common food chain. It start with green plants. Such type of food chains are directly depend on sunlight.

Example- PlantGrasshoperFrogPeacock

  1. Detritus food chain-The chain is begins with detrivores and decomposers at first trophic level. It indirectly depend on sun light.

Example- DeadorganicmatterDetrivoresCO2+H2O

  1. Parasitic food chain- In this type of food chain either produce or consumer parasitized and the transfer of food energy into small organisms.

Example- ProducerHerbivoreparasitehyperparasite

Question number: 41

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What is main difference between arteries and veins?


Image shows difference between arteries and veins

Image shows difference between arteries and veins



In arteries blood flows away from the heart

In veins blood flows toward heart

Thick wall

Thin wall

Carry oxygenated blood except pulmonary arteries

Carry deoxygenated blood except pulmonary vein

Have narrow lumen

Have wider lumen